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What Happened To Patriotism?

What Happened To Patriotism?

Recently, many people are asking the question; what happened to patriotism?

A little over 15 years ago, American lives were forever changed when the tragedy known simply as 9-11 took place.  To this day, watching documentaries or clips of that horrible event bring tears to my eyes.

It seems like only a short time ago when I watched live as the second Tower fell to the ground.  Like most others, I stared in horror at the unspeakable act of cowardice brought forth in the name of radical Islam.

We were under attack.

After the shock and confusion began to wear off, I noticed something else; there was an amazing outpouring of patriotism among the divided citizens of the U.S.  One collective emotion seemed to be pulling us close together; anger.

Yes, we were angry.  American flags were displayed in yards, businesses and cars.  Acts of kindness were prevalent seemingly everywhere.  I would guess that the country was more united than at any time since World War II.

Fast forward fifteen years.

Liberals and Republicans hate each other and refuse to listen to any conflicting opinions, terrorists organizations like Black Lives Matter and Antifa are considered hero’s to many, cops are being vilified and executed, race and politics has been infused into every possible aspect of our daily lives, professional athletes are kneeling for the anthem and college students are shutting down free speech.

And yet at the same time, tragedies such as hurricanes, mass shootings etc. have resulted in people helping other people selflessly often beyond the scope of what could be expected.

So why do so many people seemingly espouse anti-American values?

I have a few ideas.

First, there are a multitude of people in this country who want the country to be divided as it results in personal gain, usually financial.   These hustlers encourage groups (ethnic, gender, etc.) to believe they are victims and everything is someone else’s fault.  Somehow, this type of person always seem to become wealthy by manipulating others.

So, do the “you are a victim” leaders really care about these “victims”?  Well, the proof is in the pudding so to speak.

ANYONE can be successful in this country.  What ever happened to working hard and taking personal responsibility?  Obeying the laws?  Women, gays, and minorities have more opportunities here than any country in the world!

Secondly, the media seems hell-bent on division.  Why?  My guess is it makes great news.

Seriously, does anyone remember the days of Walter Cronkite when he would actually just read the news?  No opinions, no attacks, just news.  It is just sad what the media has become.

I would love to see the country united again.  Unfortunately, I think it has passed the tipping point.  However, we can try to make a change.  We need to do our best to respect other points of view.  We need to understand that we will never agree on everything but let’s try to work together to find solutions.   Our leaders need to lead by example and that certainly isn’t happening.

Let’s set the tone and get back to patriotism.

So what happened to patriotism?  What do you say?


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