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What Happened To Patriotism?

What Happened To Patriotism? Recently, many people are asking the question; what happened to patriotism? A little over 15 years ago, American lives were forever changed when the tragedy known simply as 9-11 took place.  To this day, watching documentaries…

Have We Lost Our Way?

Priorities. What is important and what isn’t? Well, in America today, we seem to be a little mixed up regarding our priorities. Let’s take a look at the headlines on July 30, 2015: “Deflategate” completely dominates the NATIONAL news. ESPN…

5 Things To Do In Ocala Fl.

When I moved from a rural area of Kentucky to Ocala, Florida 12 years ago, I was desperate to enjoy a more active lifestyle with easier access to amenities. So was I successful? Absolutely. You see in Western Kentucky: To…

Welcome To My Blog

Welcome To The Easy Street Marketing Blog! On these pages, you will find a ton of free information to assist you in SEO, link-building and other tasks that will help drive your website to the top of Google. Occasionally you…