Five Ocala Blogs That You Should Be Reading

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Five Ocala Blogs That You Should Be Reading

Five Ocala Blogs That You Should Be Reading

Ocala Florida is known for its horse farms and somewhat slow pace of life.

However, the town is no different from others in that the majority of its citizens are locked into the technology craze, taking advantage of the speed and ease of the internet.

This internet boom has also resulted in the creation of many blogs that deal with issues related to Ocala or those that live here.

But with so many blogs, it is difficult to know where to start the search for interesting content.   Many small businesses now feature their own blog, but do we really want to read about the nuances of accounting or the pitfalls of being an electrician?

What we want is a blog that keeps us coming back, that updates its content frequently, and is interesting.

Although there are many blogs in Ocala that fit this bill, here is a look at five that stand above the rest.


Speaking Of Business

This blog is geared toward small businesses and really delivers when it comes to useful information that can be applied in the world of business.  Any Ocala business who hasn’t yet discovered this gem is missing the boat.

The content is superb because the author has the credentials to back it up.

Dr. Phillip R. Geist works for the University of North Florida Small Business Development Center while also having an MBA in management and finance.  In other words, he is very smart and business savvy.

As a small business owner, I find this blog to be an incredibly useful resource.  Check it out and you will also.



Ocala, Central Florida & Beyond

This blog is made by someone named Lowell who is obviously a photographer.

And a good one!

The blog features pictures of life in and around Ocala along with periodic descriptions of the photos.

Who doesn’t like to look at pics taken in familiar locales?

See it for yourself here:



Local Realty Service Blog

When we were looking to sell our home in Belleview, I of course looked to the internet for help.

And I found a blog.

The Local Realty Service Blog

This blog is written by a man named Frederick Franks.  He seems to be extremely well-informed when it comes to home and real estate issues.

And he is a prolific writer as evidenced by how frequently the blog is updated with high quality posts.

If you are searching for local real estate and home information, you will want to pay a visit to



Ocala Magazine Blog

You are probably already familiar with Ocala Magazine, but did you realize that the periodical also had a blog?

The blog focuses on such categories as Lifestyle, Dining, Health and Wellness and many more.  The posts are locally based and pertinent to Ocala residents which explains the large following the blog seems to have.

Written by several contributors, this is a must if you live in Marion or Alachua County.   See it here:



Animal Crackers Blog

Are you an animal lover?

If you are, then the local blog for you is the Animal Crackers Blog.

Written by the folks at Town and Country Animal Hospital, it is chock full of important information for pet owners.

While not for everyone, it provides a unique service for Marion County pet owners.


So there you go.  All of these Ocala blogs are worthy of your attention and time, so get to reading!

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Have you read any of these.?  Do you have a favorite Ocala blog not listed here?  Let me know in the comments below!


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