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Everyone Is Not A Crook!

Lets face it.

The internet has more unscrupulous people than a minimum security prison.

It never ceases to amaze me how many con artists and outright criminals prey on people via the World Wide Web.

Case in point.

I received an email 2 months ago from an acquaintance in Kentucky, (one of the Hatfields!) …(no, not really!).

They had contracted one of the largest and best known web design firms in the town of Paducah to build them an ecommerce website (the firm shall remain nameless but not shameless).

My friend wanted to branch out into the internet to expand her sales of high-quality contact lenses.

The web designer promised a beautiful eCommerce website and charged her an exorbitant (nice word!) sum.

However, it turns out he simply opened an account at Big Commerce and used their site builder to add products. My friend got stuck paying a monthly fee and credit card processor payment along with several thousand the developer charged to “build” the website.

Not to mention, when she asked for changes, he gave them a word kids never hear anymore; NO!

My friend just chalked it up to a bad experience and swallowed the loss.


 The Other Problem

But not only did her website give users a poor experience, it wasn’t making any sales!

It had accumulated a grand total of 3 sales when she contacted me.

After reviewing the situation, I gave her the bad news, “You Need A New Website!” (Sounds mean, but she wasn’t surprised).

Sadly, there was no way anyone would take this business seriously with such a poor website. I built one for a little over cost because she had already been scammed so badly.

Unfortunately though, an attractive website is not enough. Marketing and branding is essential in today’s highly competitive business world.

What I Did

I began with the social media essential, Facebook; creating an account, posting occasionally and slowly gaining likes.

Secondly, I began writing blog posts that centered on keywords that the website needed to rank for such as Paducah contact lenses. These posts were optimized to vault up the search engines while being a worthwhile experience for the reader.

Lastly, I began a link building campaign to slowly gain trust in almighty Google’s eyes.

The results thus far?

  • The website traffic is slowly but surely gaining valuable targeted traffic.
  • The four blog posts all rank on the first page of Google for their targeted keyword
  • Sales are up to 16, a dramatic improvement in such a short time-span.

My friend is ecstatic and keeps sending me money I didn’t charge her!   (let me be clear, no one else EVER does that!)

Her website, https://clearviewcontacts.com will soon become a serious source of income if we continue to work hard.

And hey, I didn’t even have to trick her, lie to her, or con her.

Remember, not everyone is a crook…

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