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What Is Content Marketing and Why Is it Important?

Tell Me About Content Marketing Oh Wise One

So you have a nice website or blog but for some reason there is no traffic.  You read online that content marketing is the way to go.  But what the heck is content marketing and how can it help you and/or your business?

Content marketing is a strategy is used for the long-term and is based on building a relationship with your readers by providing content that is valuable and relevant to them on a consistent basis.

The idea is that by securing their loyalty, the customer will be much more likely to buy from you.

It is a new day and the world is much more of a touchy-feely kind of place.  Everyone wants to feel cared about, including you!

Content marketing has been around for a loooong time as it basically boils down to storytelling.

But the process has definitely changed over the past few years.  Attention spans have shortened and honestly people really don’t want to read long drawn out content.

So enough with the preliminaries, how do I get started in content marketing?

Well, pull up a chair and let me explain.

The Three Steps

First, you have to create great content for your blog, website, social media accounts etc.  Content Marketing

This is much easier said than done.  Engaging content must capture the readers or listeners attention and hold it.  Businesses must find someone with copywriting experience for this task.  In many cases, this step will have to be outsourced to a content provider or reputable SEO firm.

Secondly, you have to publish your great content on a consistent basis.  There is no hard fast rule for new content, however a good rule of thumb is publishing one piece of compelling content per week.

Third, you must promote your content.  This is the step most people skip.  They create great content, publish it, and…..

Nothing happens.  nothing seinfeld george costanza

Do not skip step three!  Promoting great content involves chasing the ever elusive social media shares and likes, sharing in forums and groups, and little-known methods such as contacting bloggers in related fields to see if they would be interested in taking a look.




Wrapping It Up

So, research interesting, related content and use it as an example to create your own.  Make sure to use short sentences and plenty of mult-media such as pictures and videos on your posts.

Then publish your content on as many platforms as possible.

Lastly, promote your content tirelessly, don’t just pray for visitors!

Follow these three steps and start getting traffic to your site today!


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