Water Well Drilling is a business that is unique and a mystery to most.  That means that it is also extremely competitive for those who own well drilling companies.  To gain an edge over their competitors, many owners are turning to the internet and digital marketing.  Water well drilling SEO companies are not easy to find.  In fact, there is only one such agency in the world!   the only one

Easy Street Marketing.

Well Drilling and other water related services have become more profitable over the years.  Companies that embrace the new age of marketing are forging ahead and becoming wealthy while those who still rely on outdated methods such as yellow pages or newspaper ads are being left behind.

So the bottom line is…

Do you want more leads and sales for your well drilling company?

If you said yes, it may be time to give the water well drilling SEO company, Easy Street Marketing a call.

Let’s take a look at our most recent well drilling client, Leesburg based, Florida Pruitt Water.

They had been contacted by a firm in California and convinced to sign up for SEO service with a monthly retainer.  Despite the fact, this firm had no knowledge of the well drilling profession, they claimed they would make Pruitt Water wealthy.  Nearly two years later, the owner, Will Pruitt contacted us.

The California company was constantly calling him trying to upsell its services while charging $500 a month for “SEO”.  He finally tired of the harassment and called us.

After doing an audit, we could find absolutely no SEO that had been done. His website was not in the TOP 100 for any keywords including “Leesburg Well Drilling”!  It appeared he had been throwing money out the window.  Leads from the site were non existent as nobody could find his website.  He did however have plenty of positive reviews on Home Advisor which helped to keep him afloat.

His website appeared to have been built with a free website builder and was not professional.  A business webpage is the face of the company and should always be taken seriously.

Lastly, his social media presence was zero.  We quickly built a Facebook Page with a custom header and are in the planning stages of utilizing the page to gain leads.

Pruitt water facebook page


So we began a 3 step plan to get Pruitt Water more of an internet presence and more leads.

  1.  A professional, eye-catching functional website.
  2.  A whitehat SEO campaign to rank for buyer keywords
  3.  A social media presence to help with branding and leads.

First up, we built a brand new website that is attractive and informative.

Next, we completed the onpage SEO factors that are so important for ranking a website.  Things like titles, description and content based on our keywords.  Then we proceeded to build backlinks (votes of confidence from other websites) that were relevant and popular.  The result?  In only one month, we have taken the following keywords from “Not in the top 100 Google results” to…well you can see with your own eyes.  We fully expect all keywords to be in the top 3 in Google shortly.

Water Well Drilling SEO


So if you are a well drilling company, call the expert that will show you results including more leads and sales in a very short time.  Remember, we are the ONLY company in the U.S. that focuses on well drilling companies!  We are truly the Water Well Drilling SEO expert!

Call us today at 800-781-1130 or Contact Us!



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