Steel Buildings Company SEO

So you manufacture metal buildings and just built a website so the sales will start rolling in.  However no one can see it as you are buried on the 10th page of Google.  It may be time for some steel buildings company SEO!

You see, here at Easy Street Marketing, we take pride in being an expert at ranking steel building websites in Google and other search engines.  The reason?  We have done it on  grand scale and continue to do it.  Steel Buildings Company SEO

We understand the business and what customers are looking for.  This knowledge leads to perfect optimization for every site, every time.

Our Process

Easy Street will perform an audit of your current website or build you a completely new one as we just did for this metal building manufacturer.

Next, we will optimize the website including adding or upgrading content, correcting meta tags and keywords and writing descriptions for each page.

We will perform keyword research to find the words customers are using to find your products and write content around each of these keywords.

Citations are next.  We will add your NAP (name and phone number) to a horde of sites where you can be found including Google My Business, Yahoo Local, Yelp, Insider Pages and more.

Social Signals are important and fall next in our hierarchy.   We will build you a Facebook Page, Twitter Page, Pinterest Page and more and begin posting engaging content to each.

Lastly, we begin a campaign of link building.  We find high quality relevant sites to show you love and add a backlink to your website resulting in your website shooting up the rankings to the top spot in Google.

Once your steel buildings website is in the top 3 of Google for money keywords, you will be amazed!  Your phone will not stop ringing and your contact form will blow up with notices.

We began our steel building journey in 2012 with a website called  When the owner contacted us, he had an html website that looked unprofessional and business was poor.  His website was not in the first five pages for ANY keyword on Google.

Easy Street took on the challenge and began to work.  In less than six months, OSE Florida was ranked in the top 3 for over 800 keywords!

The Results

Needless to say, his business exploded all over the state of Florida even causing him to turn down some work in the outer reaches of the state.  Here you can see how he still fares for the town OSE Florida is located in.  These results were repeated for hundreds of Florida towns.

ose florida google results

Ah, but the manager (who is a good friend and loyal client!)  threw a monkey wrench into the success.  He and two others decided to leave and start their own company in the same town!  So Easy Street Marketing was hired to build a new website and start the process all over again, essentially competing against ourselves.  Below is a screenshot of the beautiful site we built:

Central Florida Steel Buildings Screenshot

So now we are beginning our 3rd month of SEO for the new website.  Obviously, it takes much longer to rank with a brand new website as Google prefers established sites in their listings.  But we are doing well and plan on catching and overtaking OSE Florida within a few more months.  Here you can see we now have 2 listings on the 2nd page for the same keyword, Ocala steel buildings.  From not in the top 100 to closing in on the first page in a competitive market in 2 months is something to be proud of.

ocala florida steel buildings

And the kicker is we already have first page rankings for a bunch of other keywords.  You can see a Google ranking report as of March 25th, 2017 below:

cf google rankings

Final Word

If you own a steel building website that is just not getting the leads you need, you need a steel buildings company SEO agency.  Contact us or call Joel on my personal cell number at 352-502-0064.   We will improve your metal building business, guaranteed!

Easy Street Marketing is your steel buildings company SEO expert!

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