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So What Is Tumblr?

Want To Get On The Tumblr Train?

Social media is becoming more and more of a ranking factor when it comes to search engines. Not to mention, that it brings in tons of traffic to websites simply by its own power.

Therefore it would be prudent for any webmaster to take advantage of the many social media sites out there including the very popular Tumblr.

So what is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a sort of blog that is interactive and has a centralized platform. In other words, it is a blogging platform that makes it incredibly easy to post audio, articles, videos, photos and much more. The object is to share this information with as many people as possible. You can send any media objects directly to Tumblr from your computer or phone which allows you to bypass the upload process to say, YouTube.

Blogs on this site are called Tumblelogs. In contrast to the average blog, a Tumblelog allows users to follow a writers “stream”, sort of like Twitter. The attraction is that unlike blogs, writers thoughts don’t have to be in the form of written word, which in the short-attention span generation of today means more exposure and “readers”.

Another factor that sets Tumblr apart is the feedback system. Rather than use the antiquated comment box found on blogs, Tumblelogs have other options including a Like button, the ability to follow, a reblog feature and more.

Tumblr can also be effective for small business owners looking to broaden their appeal. Adding follow-worth content to your blog can explode your brand resulting in more leads and sales.

When utilizing social media, don’t forget to spend some time on Tumblr also.

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