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Do You Need A High PR Link?

Everyone, SEO’s and website owners alike, are constantly in search of the perfect link. And while perfection can never be obtained (Farrah Fawcett was darn close though!), certain links can be goldmines. In this post, I am going to show you one that is not very well known but is as good as it gets. Plus, I will show you how to make it even better by sending high PR links to it. Confused? Don’t worry, I stay that way. Let’s get started.

Before we get to the website where we will be dropping our link, there is a couple of things you need to do.

First, download a Firefox extension called NoDoFollow 1.1. It is a simple extension that will highlight no follow links with a red color and do follow with a blue. You may want to make a small donation after downloading.

Next, download the SEO Quake Firefox extension. This will show us the Page Rank information for each website in a Google search along with a ton of other details. But we are just interested in the PR for this exercise.

Okay, now we are ready to visit the site. It is called Behance.net. It is a huge authority site with a PR of 7 and is one of the highest ranked sites in the world. And the best thing is that they supply a free do follow link! 

Behance provides a place for web designers, graphic artists, photographers etc. to display their wares and possibly discover buyers or leads.

Simply create an account by clicking the “sign up” button and then edit your profile. You will see a place to add your website. Drop your link here.

Now, don’t spam this site and ruin it for everyone else. At least take the time to fill out the profile completely and add a picture of yourself. (or someone else if you look like JoJo the dog-faced boy).

Now that you have a profile, you need to click the “Add Work” button at the top of the page and add a project. If you have no talent, then list yourself as a photographer and add pictures from your Facebook Page or similar places. But you need to post some type of work so your account is not deleted. Remember this work will also be a do follow link. As you can see, I added several websites that I had designed and added 3-4 links to interior pages for them all.

OK, we have a do follow link on our profile from a PR 7 authority site and possibly several other links on our project pages. Pretty good, but here is the secret sauce. Now we use a trick that very few people know about; funneling PR from the other pages of the authority site to our profile page.

We can do this very simply. Just open up Google and enter:


Make sure the SEO Quake extension is activated and take a look at the results. You will see page after page of high PR profile pages from Behance.

When we go to these pages and click “Follow”, the link juice flows to our profile page.

So we simply find high PR pages, click Follow and eventually our profile page will become high PR itself. And then your link will start rocking your rankings!

So how many people do you need to follow? I would recommend at least 100 and honestly would just use PR 3 and above. There are more than enough to keep you busy for a long time. I have found several PR 6’s and many 5’s.

Give it a couple of months and you will see massive benefit from this. Good luck and remember not to spam!