Client: Dr. Raymond J. Marquette M.D.
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Main Keyword: Ocala OBGYN

Results: Dr. Raymond J. Marquette M.D. is a longtime Obstetrician/Gynecologist in the Ocala area who had never taken advantage of the internet to boost his business. Although he had a website, it was poorly optimized and was bringing in no leads. Target keywords were all ranked in the 16-20 range which meant the website received almost no traffic. We focused on the Google My Business Page first by adding location and niche citations, optimizing the listing, and adding 25 posts and pictures each month. Within 60 days, the money keywords were all ranked in the first or second spot and website traffic increased dramatically. In addition, we began to post daily on the dormant Facebook page resulting in a 500% increase in engagement within 60 days.
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