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Old School Marketing Tactics

Did You Think That Old School Marketing Tactics Were Dead?


Now, I am an internet guy.

I commonly tell clients that their entire marketing budget should be spent on the internet as that is where the customers are.

However, there are a few “old school” techniques that can still work for small businesses. (Although not as well as the internet!)

Let’s take a look at four:

Promotional Products—Get your brand out there! Putting your name and logo on merchandise that potential customers will see every day is still an excellent strategy. This will function as a 24 hour billboard every time the item is used.

Cold Calling—Although the majority of us (including me) cringe at the thought of entering a business uninvited and throwing out a sales pitch. And yet, its effectiveness has changed little over the last 50 years.

Direct Mail—Despite the advent of technology including email, instant messaging, etc, snail mail continues to flourish. According to Absolute Summit, sending a postcard or flyer through the mail offering a discount or other advertisement will normally get a response of 1-2%, not close to internet advertising but still worth the investment.

Billboards—Although it can be difficult to track, most research shows that billboards can be an effective way of expanding your brand. The new digital billboards are more effective than the non-interactive models however. But being seen by thousands of motorists every day can only be a good thing!

Remember, the internet is the future, but don’t completely forget the past marketing tactics.


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