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11 Social Media Tips That Can Make Your Real Estate Business

How Would You Like 11 Social Media Tips That Can Make Your Real Estate Business?

Are you a realtor and suffer from social media phobia? Well it is time to come out of it. This might be a surprise for you, but realtors do turn out to perfect marketers in a person to person environment offline. The tragedy of the situation is that most realtors are brilliant when it comes to connecting to the local market and the community. However, they fail miserably when they have to apply the marketing tactics to social media. Well you have to learn to fight this out if you want to make it big and want to get real success.

Social Media Marketing Tips for Realtors

Well here are a bunch of tips that I believe will change the things for the better for you.

Using Facebook has your promotion medium

There is no doubt about the fact that Facebook is the best way you can connect with your family and friends. This is undoubtedly the best way to connect with the friends of your clients too. It will eventually develop trust. You need to start by having a business Facebook page for your real estate services.

  • Share information about your neighborhood on Facebook: Now just having the page is not enough and you need to engage your clients the right way. Well there are several things that you can try out. You can post information about your neighborhood. This truly shows your passion for selling homes. Plus you market your own area to the prospective residents.


  • Use Image content on Facebook: Images do seem appealing and catch the attention of the onlooker. When you will post interesting images then you are bound to get likes and comments. This increases the possibility of your posts being viewed in the news feed of various people.


  • Keep everyone posted about the events happening in your neighborhood: People love to know about happening places. Keep people posted about the events that take place in your town. You can put up questions that can help to spark an instant engagement. If you are going to an event you can even let your fans know about it.


  • Indulge in different contests: You can start different contests. This way you will get an opportunity to know the likes and the dislikes of your clients. It will help to generate a deeper relationship with the clients. They will get the feel that you are one real estate agent who believes in listening to the clients.


  • Post the listing on Facebook: Now you need to remember the 80:20 ratio here. When you post the listings remember 80 percent of the information has to be about the interest of the customers and the lifestyle. Only 20 percent of the information should focus on the product you are selling and yourself.


Discovering the magic of Twitter for your real estate business

Well Twitter can do wonders if you wish to connect with your prospective clients. You will get about 140 characters so that you can exclusively communicate your updates to the clients.

  • Tweet about the listings you offer: Make sure that you present your listings on Twitter. You can also showcase the images of the apartments and houses you offer.


  • Realize the importance of @ to communicate with specific people: You can send direct tweets to your potential clients. Twitter is the best medium to congratulate a new house owner for getting a house as well.


  • Remember the Hashtags: Do not forget to use the specific and relevant hashtags so that people who are looking for your subject matter can find you with ease.


  • Put up questions in your Tweets: Well this is the best way to gain attention. You can come up with interesting real estate questions and this will divert the client attention to you and your business.


General tips about using other social media platforms to promote your real estate business


  • Make YouTube videos: You can put up videos that showcase your listings. You can even embed YouTube videos on your website that talk about your business and give a brief introduction of what you have to offer.


  • Discover the magic of LinkedIn: Make sure that you have a business page for your real estate business on LinkedIn. Offer complete information about your business on this platform.


What experts have to say about social media business promotion

Fred Franks is a successful realtor based in Central Florida and he says” Without social media marketing my business would have gone in the pits” There are tons of customers out there looking for homes for sale in Ocala FL, you just have to setup a great plan for them to find you!

Katrina Barone from housesforsaleinocalafl.com has a similar opinion and she says” Since using Facebook, my business has grown 100%!”

Follow the tips and expert opinion. Use social media to take your real estate business to the next level and you will not regret your move.


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